Business Opportunity

Are you ready to take control of your financial future?

FXC Solution is a revolutionary network marketing company that is leading you to making money from different businesses or markets without any experience. We believe in recognizing commitment, leadership, hard work and success, which is why we offer such an exciting portfolio of incentives for our FXC SOLUTION Business Owners

Our company is always here to provide a stable opportunity for women and men from different walks of life across the globe.

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Learn What Drives Us

With a lot of people these days finding it very difficult to cope financially, it has become very important for people to find other streams of income to provide financial stability and a secured future for themselves and their family.

Why FXC SOLUTION is the Right Choice?

FXC SOLUTION is one of the world's largest Network Marketing Company.

FXC SOLUTION involved in different financial market from Online Trading (FOREX) to Sport, Tours & Travel industry to Ecommerce (Buy & Sell) and aimed at making More Business Innovations.

The first Network Marketing company combing multiple different businesses in single platform.

We are more than dedicated in providing the best compensation plan, effective and affordable products and systems that keep our valued clients from coming back.

When you join usas FXCS IBO, you get more than our impressive products& service, such as an excellent online earning opportunity.

As a global network marketing company, you will enjoy worldwide bonus with a single membership.

Our members have freedom to select their work sector.

A company that ensures financial independence and personal achievement; hence improving one's quality of life

Members to Benefit from Our Business

You can finally say goodbye to those days wherein network marketing takes fifteen hours or more. You no longer worry about losing your position and job security. All of your worries stop here and FXC Solution can help you truly redefine your lifestyle.

Start your journey of gaining financial benefits in an easy, engaging and trouble-free way by becoming FXCS IBO.

Get access to earn exceptional income courtesy of one of the most unique and revolutionary compensation plans in the world including periodical bonuses, profit sharing and incentives.

Purchase FXCS product or serviceat discounted price

Travelling opportunities to around the world.

Access to freeround-the-clock support. “Company

Become an Independent Business Owner(IBO)

At this point you may be asking how can I achieve this. Well it is quite simple because all you have to do become an Independent Business Owner (IBO)by purchasing IBO package and start business with us.

In the package you will get your own business back office, marketing tools, your own referral link for all our businesses and services and can start earning straight way extra income by recommending FXC Solution products & services to others.

Marketing Plan Introduction of Remuneration

Independent Business Owner (IBO)Board (3x3)

Become FXCS IBO by upgrade your membership package & get position on IBO board. Auto spillover, just need one (1) direct sponsored IBO to be eligible for withdraw IBO board Income.

Star Board (3x2)

If you are an IBO Member, you are eligible to upgrade Star Board

Master Board (3x2)

Any Star Board Member can upgrade to Master Board

Mentor Board (3x2)

If you are an Master Board member, you are eligible to upgrade Mentor Board

Leader Board (3x2)

Any Mentor Board Member can upgrade to Leader Board

Generation Matrix

Get Upto 9 Generation Matrix Commission from your downline IBO package sell.

Binary Matching Commission

40% Binary Matching Bonus from IBO package.

Receive daily 0.5% of matching amount upto 200 day.

Uni Level Commission

Get upto 9 Generation Uni level Commission from E commerce, Tours & Travel package and others.

Share Funding Program

4%-5% monthly profit from your share purchase. Upto 9 Generation Uni level Commission.
75% of your fund always available after one (1) month.

Direct Sale Commission

5% - 10% direct sales commission from IBO package, Ecommerce, Tours & Travel and others.

Rank Bonus To be entitled for this Leadership Bonus, you must be a Qualified


Complete Star board


Complete Master board


Complete Mentor board


Complete Leader board


A Director with two (2) direct sponsored director will achieve President rank.

Cash Back Incentive

From Every sell In FXCS Rebate Programme:

  1. Any customer will get 50% rebate upto (50) months.
  2. IBO will receive 10% upto five (20) months.
  3. AMBASSADOR will get 20% upto ten (25) months.
  4. ELITE member will get 30% from every direct sell up to twenty (30) months.
  5. LEGEND 40% upto thirty (40) months.
  6. DIRECTOR 45% cash back upto forty (45) months.

50% Cash Back for all PRESIDENT upto 50 months.

Gift Incentive

Mobile, Tab etc.

Eligibility minimum rank Ambassador.

Overseas Trip Incentive

An ELITE member will receive a Holiday package of South Asian country.

Company will provide for all LEGEND an Incentive of Southeast Asia tour.

DIRECTORS will receive Family Holiday Package of Southeast Asia

Enjoy some days in EUROPE when you become a PRESIDENT

Company Profit Sharing (2%)

Company 2% profit will be shared between all PRESIDENT of FXCS

Merchant/Seller reffer commission

Introduce a Merchant/Vendor to us and receive upto 5% sales commission from that merchant’s every product sell.