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Are you thinking of your future? Are you thinking of ways of growing and improving your wealth? At FXC solution we can help you plan and get that secured future you desire as we are one of the top companies involved in the Foreign exchange market (FOREX).

With various companies and individuals finding it hard financially, it has become much more vital for people to put aside some savings, create other forms and streams of income and find investment opportunities that provide some financial stability for their future.

With our professional expertise and years of experience we have been able to satisfy the needs of our clients through our various innovative products and services and now we have introduced a new product which has immense benefits known as Share Funding Plan Program (A different combine investment program).

The share funding plan provides opportunities to people (members) who despite being unable to have a Forex broker account with enough money, can still benefit from the expertise of our traders by being part of this profit sharing plan with a minimum $100 and a maximum of $ 2000. So it is about time you stop hesitating and participate in this plan.

Combine Investment Program


Members interested in the plan will join through the FXCS back-office and the money they deposit will be added to a broker account specially created for them and also our professional traders who trade for the company will also trade for these members Share Funding Plan broker account. 75% of any profit made will be shared among members involved in the program.


Considering it takes time to process payments received through payment processors or credit cards, members will start sharing profit after a minimum of 7 days after depositing their money. The forex market is closed on Saturdays and Sundays which means the company cannot use any deposited money for trading before 7 days.

Members who are not interested in continuing with the program can withdraw 75% of their deposited amount after 30 days and all the profit they have made up to that moment which means members get almost all their money back. It is worth noting that this is not a traditional investment where you can take back all your initial deposit.

The amount of profit share that will be received depends on the deposit balance of a member. We are transparent with our results which means profit sharing results are very visible to all members. To ensure no manipulations occur, our trading account results are verified by a third party website "MYFXBOOK.COM ensuring that there is no way we can manipulate these results.

We do not charge a monthly fee for our plan, profits are shared weekly, fortnightly or monthly depending on trader trade situation and our traders do not take unnecessary risks with your investment.

To participate in the share funding plan, just complete these 3 steps

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  • (a) Register free
  • (b) Become IBO by purchasing any education package
  • (c) Deposit in share funding